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Most people don't want to be involved in the construction process; that is why we always aim to help our clients from day one. We prioritise the needs and demands of each client.
We welcome your design ideas and happily deliver personalised service, whether that be for a basement, home extension or refurbishment, or loft conversion.

Every detail of your project must be well prepared and designed from the start to guarantee that your new space satisfies or, better still, surpasses your expectations.
To ensure we reach this goal, we follow a mutually beneficial and straightforward process.

Step 1

In the unlikely scenario that you don't have any plans, drawings or permission we would introduce you to the Architects, Surveyors and Engineers we usually use.
Upon completion of the design process and receipt of planning permission if needed, we would be ready to discuss the cost.
However, if you have a large and complex project, we can be working together with you and the architect to help you with the budgeting and future buildability.

Step 2

Upon receipt of plans and drawings, even if they are planning drawings only, we  would be able to produce a detailed estimate. Of course, we would have to spend a few hours discussing the project with you to understand the quality and fit-out requirements as well as your budget constraints.

If you are not happy with the cost, we will work further to reduce the cost to suit the budget. This stage is called value engineering, and it is important to understand there is nothing free, and each detail and request would increase or decrease the total cost. 
We are confident that our estimates are very close to the final figures and we aim for less than 10% for the additional work. This, of course, would be dependent on you and the changes you might introduce during the work.

Step 3

We use a standard Federation of Master Builders contract. If needed, we can include up to 10 years structural warranty as well as insolvency insurance—these insurances are provided by the FMB and their insurers.

Step 4

We use a modern online-based project management system. We will prepare the professional schedule with all the critical dates and agree on the baseline against which we will track our progress.

Step 5

While we are working on your property, it is advisable not to come to the site too often firstly due to Health and Safety reason and secondly from our experience each client visit will add more money to the total cost. Believe us, it is challenging for clients when they are on-site not to start changing or adding work. It is human nature to try to get the best results. However, in the long run, it will cost more money. To avoid your daily visits, we will upload at least 20-30 images daily where you can see what is going on on-site and ask any questions you like in writing.

Step 6

To work efficiently with clients, architects and designers, we have developed a system of interconnected RFI (request for information), CO (change orders) and Selections. We try to avoid emails as much as possible, to be on top of your and the architect’s ideas. Of course, it is not that important on small loft conversions which we rarely do. Still, on complex, high-end refurbishments where you can have architects, interior designers, engineers, various consultants, kitchen designers and most important your selves, it is the only way to build what you want on time and under the agreed budget.

Step 7

For each project, depending on size, we allocate an administrator and the undefined project manager. They will be dealing with your project on their own or with a few more people if the value of your project is more than £500,000. They will be solely responsible for all the details and collaboration between professionals, the trades and you.

Step 8

We have got a design team who, if needed, will provide very detailed and developed plans and drawings for your approval. 

Step 9

We will have site meetings twice a month to view progress and review any outstanding queries.

Step 10

We will monitor quality daily, and only when you are 100% delighted with the final result will we sign off the contract for you to begin enjoying your new place.