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As a rule, we provide very detailed and itemised estimates.
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We can match or beat most of the quotations from other professional builders.

Our work is insured with up to 10 year structural warranty as well you are protected against insolvency.

Our online project management system would help you and us to keep an eye on all changes and specifications that might affect the final cost.
These costs below are a guide only. They depend on the size of the job, complexity and specifications. For an accurate and detailed quotation, please contact us to book a free site survey.

house extension cost

Of course, depending on size and the specification, an average house extension can cost anywhere between £30,000 to £100,000 and above, but this is dependent on many different factors. As an example, if you include a high-quality kitchen into the budget, by itself, it can cost close to £50,000. Each home extension we build is tailor-made to specific client needs, so naturally, the cost of building an extension can vary quite a lot. However, we have provided a few samples to give you an idea of the costs.

Side Return Extension Cost - £35,000 and above

If your home allows for it, then it is one of the cheapest ways of enlarging your kitchen and dining area. It will produce an exciting difference to your home without a high cost.

Rear Kitchen Extension Cost  - £40,000 and above

A kitchen extension would costs likewise as a rear extension starting at £40,000. This cost, of course, is excluding kitchen and any electrical fixtures.

Wrap Around Extension Cost - £55,000 and above

A wrap-around extension would cost anything from £55,000. If you have the funds and space, you may choose a rear kitchen extension coupled with a side return extension. This will provide you with a wrap-around extension which can instantly give you a lot more space and dramatically increase the size of the home.

Double Storey Extension Cost - £75,000 and above

A double-storey extension would cost approximately £75,000 and above. Typically, multi-floor house extensions cost more than other types, because construction work has to be done on two levels, and there is twice the space to work on.

Basement conversion costs

For a low specification basement, you should expect to spend on average something upwards of £180,000. Whether you extend upwards or outwards,  a basement conversion will add a lot of precious space and hugely increase the value of your home. With so many basements uses, such as extra bedrooms, gyms, studios, swimming pools, saunas and wine cellars, any London homeowner should seriously consider this work.

Guideline Basement Conversion Costs

The transformation of existing basement costs between £1,250 – £1,550 per square metre.

When the floor needs to be lowered, and underpinning is needed, the costs would be between £1,500 – £2,000 per square metre.

When digging a new basement area including slabs and underpinning, the costs should be between £2,200 – £3,000 per square metre.

Building a new basement area below the garden could cost between £1,750-2,250 per square metre.

Building a lightwell and external access costs between £5,500 – £9,500for each.

There would be various fees, such as:
Engineers fees - £1500-£2000 Planning and Building Control Drawings and applications - £1000-£2000 Party wall agreements -£1000-£2500

VAT at 20%.

Loft conversion cost

The minimum cost for a simple loft conversion is £30,000. The price of loft conversion is based on many factors such as size, type of roof, internal fixtures and fittings like bathroom and skylights.

Loft Pod (L-section Only) - from £25,000 
Skylight or Velux Loft Conversion - from £25,000

This is the cheapest way of converting your loft as it does not change the structure of your roof. However, while this is the most affordable cost of loft conversion, it will not maximise the potential of your loft space.

Dormer Loft Conversion - from £27,000

One of the most popular loft conversions are dormer loft conversions which are somewhat more costly than the skylight conversion, but with an important benefit of more space potential. This is ideal for households looking to add an extra bedroom to make room for new additions.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversion - from £45,000
Mansard Loft Conversion - from £40,000

In terms of the exterior view, these breath taking mansard loft conversions are usually viewed as the most visually pleasing. Maybe Unsurprisingly, they are also often the most expensive.