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20 tips if you are refurbishing your house

20 tips if you are refurbishing your house

House refurbishing tips
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Refurbishing a house is a great investment and may allow you to increase its value, and you should consider these 20 tips to make it a flawless process. Because a renovation gone wrong may cost you dearly, so it is better to plan it properly to keep it affordable. Below are given the 20 tips for your house refurbishing project.

1.       Don’t cut corners. Get an architect to assess the map of the building. An expert surveyor will look at every nook and corner to ensure there are no structural issues, dampness, subsidence, drainage issues, etc.

2.       You should then carry out a measured site survey so you may draw a plan for your renovation project design.

3.       Obtain quotations from various companies. Also, try to prefer those renovation companies that offer all the trades under one roof. It will smoothen your project from design to completion if you stick to a company that provides all renovation work. If you want to opt to have different services for your project, make sure you invite each one of them to visit the property. Then collect quotations from all of them and make your calculations. However, it is still advisable to stick to a company that can carry out all your work from scratch to completion. This way, you will hold it responsible for any undesirable situation or substandard work.

4.       Once you have selected the experts to carry out the work, make sure they are insured. You have a contract with them and a schedule of the project.

5.       Make sure if you require planning permission, building regulations approval, or party wall agreements to carry out the work.

6.       At the design stage, make milestones for each step and let the experts know your priorities. Tell them about what is important for you and your family. It could be the kitchen area, storage space, the bathroom even before the completion of the design.

7.       It’s kick-off time. Your experts will set up the site and create temporary arrangements like creating a temporary kitchen or water supply. It is now the stage to carry out the place identified in the survey that is critical to the structure of the property (if there was an issue).

8.       Rip out stage. It’s the stage of ripping out anything not ready for the refurbishment.

9.       Now is the time to do structural work, if required. Often, it will be arranged for a building inspector who will determine if it passes building regulations.

10.  If you are undergoing work on the roof, then it may usually take place at this stage.

11.  Doors and windows now come where the openings will be created. So long as you have ordered your doors and windows beforehand so they can be erected.

12.  During the installation of doors and windows, electricians and plumbers often come to fix the instalments. It includes inserting electricity cables and pipes for water supply.

13.  After this first fix is completed, it is time for plastering. The plastering requires some days to dry out.

14.  It is now the time for the floor to be screeded, which also requires sufficient time to dry out. Sometimes it takes longer than expected, so it’s better to be patient.

15.  It’s time to lay the flooring in your newly renovated area. If you have a bathroom or kitchen installed, it can occasionally be easier to lay the flooring before installing the sanitary ware.

16.  It’s now time for the second fix. It involves the fixture of electrical and sanitary equipment. It also includes fitting of doors into their frames, skirting boards fitting, etc.

17.  It’s time for final touches. The walls will be painted or papered, carpeting the floors to give a final touch to your renovation.

18.  This is completion time, involving the fixing of each bit of missed pieces during the previous stages.

19.  Ask the builder to do the cleaning of all the mess and hand over to you a shiny, refurbished house.

20.  Ask your builder to give the guarantee and certificates for the project.

By following these 20 tips for your house refurbishing project, you can ensure smooth sailing.